Saturday, October 23, 2010

Au Revoir Weekend !!!

Yet another Sunday at office...

The gift - 'A ruined lifestyle'.. is what i graciously accept after 23 years of my life, that made me a Software Engineer.
I agree.. this sounds like coming from a non enthusiastic 'experienced' person.
For those who do not know, its been just an year that I entered the corporate world.

No offense.
Corporate world is a dynamic place to be. Every day may not be enriching enough, but a sense of uncertainty keeps the momentum on. The quest for position, money and knowledge (for few) drives one through.

I have got umpteen opportunities to meet people who have been in this profession for 10 + years. Admiration and respect for them defines the feeling well enough.
However, on a second thought, a question creeps in my mind -
How interesting is it to live 10 years of a lifeless lifestyle in IT?

What makes me happy to be comparatively fresh in this industry?
I am not yet caught in the vicious circle of money, power and politics. I am still not addicted to the luxury of comfortable living. I still see hope, to find a way out of this herd and define my own journey..