Monday, July 13, 2009

From my old diary...

While turning the pages of my old diary, my eyes ran over this poem, i had written way back in 1994.
Thought of sharing it with all..

On the canvas of earth,
nature moved its strokes,
to bless us with,
rain, to rejuvenate freshness in life,
river, to smooth en the tough terrains,
sea, to join the ocean of warmth,
a place, which incorporates all shades of nature,
a place, overflowing with love, peace and selflessness,
a heaven, called your lap.

Thank you mother !

It was my mothers birthday when i wrote it for her..

Friday, June 26, 2009

Play music clean, on command line!

If you wanna play music randomly, without bothering to import songs or make playlists, try out the following command.

$find /media/ -name "*.mp3" | xargs -d '\n' -n10 mpg123 -Z

It would look for all '.mp3' files in the directory '/media' and all its sub directories and play them randomly.

Just dont bother to search songs on your pc, let the command do it for you!

xargs would add the result of find command as arguments to the mpg123. -d option would specify the delimiter and -n would specify the no. of arguments to be taken at a time as there are command line length limitations.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The cost of Freedom!

We all long for freedom,even fight for it at times.. Why not! After all its our right,isn't it? Not to think twice before doing what we want.No one to ask any questions or give free advice! 'Its MY life' is what we youngsters believe in. At times people tend to feel a bit more 'free', believing in -' No strings attached. No attachment. Me, my dreams and my desires'. That is something interesting to think about, but is it really feasible ? Or rather, is it worth? Sit back and think about some good memories... most of them would be the time we spent with our loved one's. The moments when we felt most 'attached' to the people we care for. Attachments and relationships add meaning to our lives. They give us the best time, to cherish life long. Then why do people run away from the commitments and sacrifices they bring along?

Its good to give enough freedom to the people we love. Too much freedom though, may take us far from them.. detached..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

cc or gcc..What is the difference?

I have always lived in an impression that compiling a program with 'gcc' is a better practice than doing so using 'cc'. In fact there have been cases when the same program behaved differently when compiled with cc or gcc.Today I read somewhere that in Ubuntu and most versions of Linux, gcc and cc are synonyms. As in, cc is linked to gcc, and using any of the two for compilation should produce similar behavior.'cc' is the original Unix c compiler while 'gcc' is the GNU-compiler collection and is hence available in all GNU-Linux flavors.' In GNU+Linux operating systems, cc is a symbolic link to gcc.This can be asserted by comparing the outputs of gcc --version and cc --version. /usr/bin/cc is a link to /etc/alternatives/cc, which inturn is a link to /usr/bin/gcc..