Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The cost of Freedom!

We all long for freedom,even fight for it at times.. Why not! After all its our right,isn't it? Not to think twice before doing what we want.No one to ask any questions or give free advice! 'Its MY life' is what we youngsters believe in. At times people tend to feel a bit more 'free', believing in -' No strings attached. No attachment. Me, my dreams and my desires'. That is something interesting to think about, but is it really feasible ? Or rather, is it worth? Sit back and think about some good memories... most of them would be the time we spent with our loved one's. The moments when we felt most 'attached' to the people we care for. Attachments and relationships add meaning to our lives. They give us the best time, to cherish life long. Then why do people run away from the commitments and sacrifices they bring along?

Its good to give enough freedom to the people we love. Too much freedom though, may take us far from them.. detached..


  1. Even this one is too gud buddy...

  2. Thank you sir ji.... kabhi kabhi gusse main likh leti hoon ;)