Saturday, September 11, 2010

One year's trash...

Happened to clean my room today.
With piles of papers stacked together, its hard to keep track of what is where. Our very own room becomes so unknown! And the day we need something, unfortunately there is no CTRL+F option to make our life easier!
So, today i thought of putting things back in place. Believe it or not.. I managed to collect 5 big polybags of trash.. out of my room. Some old unknown bills, shoes, bags, accessories.. There were things about which i had no idea.. courtesy my poor memory. And few, which had some incidents attached to it..which were equally trash. Some of them also reminded me of my unfulfilled dreams.. and unimplemented plans.

Removing trash out of my room, was a walk over to what all i did last year. Most of them were things which mean nothing to me anymore.

I hope that i dont accumulate any more trash in my room.
Hope i dont lift another dream to dump it to dustbin again.


  1. Beautifully expressed! But don't throw away all your trash.. someday you'll be glad u did not :)